Welcome to The Diplomat!

Welcome to The Diplomat!

    Welcome to The Diplomat/Journalism 2020-2021! Along with the new changes to the school, we too have changed our platform. Going forward, The Diplomat will function more as a media platform, producing mainly live shows along with articles and podcasts. In years past, our team has produced monthly articles about both school and world issues, but we have decided to pivot from this method, as we feel a sole newspaper does not engage our audience and appeal to the student body. This means an increase in the diversity of roles in our class, as now students are divided into groups which focus on their respective projects instead of individual articles. Many of the projects that we wanted to produce have been postponed until Covid-19 settles down, such as the possibility a live band accompanying our show. Efficiency in collaboration is one of our biggest new challenges, and in the current pandemic, this is more difficult than ever, but we are sure that we will be able to produce high quality videos throughout the academic year. Our vision is to be able to appeal to a wider audience, both inside and outside our high school, and in doing so engage more students. Primarily, The Diplomat will be producing videos addressing school events and issues, sports, and fine arts. We plan to use Instagram as a means to promote content, as well as make our platform more accessible. As more and more students join social media, we plan to expand our brand to be more available and to capture the interest of those who browse it. The primary objective of our promotions and outreach are to lead students to this website, where all of our content is posted. As of right now, we aim to produce a full video show very soon, detailing our team’s English Premier League predictions, showing a tier list of some new mobile Battle Royale games, introducing our first episode of Whatsabi, discussing our concert band in an era of Covid, and promoting our Instagram account. Stay posted for our first completed production!

Behind the scenes of our new show Whatsabi.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions and comments!
Email: smislive@smis.ac.jp
Instagram: @diplomat_smis

Article by Alex Hotta

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