The Diplomat Episode 1!

Episode 1 is out!

Full Episode 1

Our first production highlights the Whatsabi episode with Mr. Hendrickson, Danila and Aron's English premier league predictions, and our Free IOS Battle Royale Games Tier List.

Whatsabi Full Episode 1

Here is our first full episode of Whatsabi, a show with spicy food and even spicier questions! Our guest for this episode was the high school principal, Mr. Hendrickson, interviewed by our very own Karl Bodenheimer.

Tier List of Battle Royal IOS Games
Taisei and Ryo discuss their rankings of new IOS Battle Royal games, ranging from Fortnite to Call of Duty Mobile. Each game is varies in not only gameplay, but quality as well, some being realistic and action packed, while others seem bland at best.

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